Dobot Standard: Robotic Arm for Everyone, free air shipping!

Dobot Standard: Robotic Arm for Everyone, free air shipping!
Dobot is the world’s first high precision robotic arm at consumer grade. It features industrial scale accuracy and stability, intuitive and versatile controls, all at a highly competitive price.
Imagine when your new born baby says "flower" the first time in his/her life, and it gets sent to a Arduino robotic arm, automatically the word transforms to the character 龙 (dragon, see the gif below) in Chinese calligraphy on a piece of paper or a 3D printed plastic flower, or be typed on a mobile phone that sends to your parents. 
Dobot is versatile and designed for everyone. It can draw, write, text, move, grab things following your orders. It liberates your arms from doing repetitive tasks. For more advanced makers, Dobot has great potential to be an essential part of your own project.
Dobot Brings Industrial Precision and Power to Your Life
Dobot’s high precision is the highlight. We spent much of our energy to optimize its technology. With such a low cost, we have managed to maintain the industrial precision level. When performing repetitive actions, the error in precision is as small as 0.2mm, empowering you to do delicate work without losing the precision. See below for more detailed info on specs.
Dobot is super easy to control
Easy usability comes first during the design of Dobot. We have given a lot of thought on users without technical backgrounds, and how to help them better control robotic arms. In order to make as young as 5-years-old kids able to use Dobot in ease, we have done extensive research and designed 7 controlling methods, including PC, mobile APP, EEG, voice, vision, leap motion and gestures, whichever suits your purpose the best.

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